Born to ride.

Rideout guidelines

1. Group Club Nights are organised for all participants to enjoy

2. Group Day Rides are organised for all full members.
Associates who wish to join should ask their Observer if the ride is suitable for them. Many day rides are suitable for associates but please check first.

3. The Group expect each rider to be in control at all times, to comply with the law and demonstrate a high standard of riding.

4. Times shown in the Events listing are leaving times not arrival times.

5. Please be ready with a full tank of petrol.

6. The person who leads the ride will be in charge of the ride. It will be very helpful if he/she knows if this is your first Group Ride.

7. All participants will be briefed in respect of which system of riding will be used. LISTEN TO THE BRIEFING

8. Remember, when using The Drop Off System, it is essential you keep an eye on the rider in front and behind you.

9. Always maintain a safe distance between you and the rider in front.

10. Try to pair up wherever it is safe to do so at junctions, crossroads and traffic lights, but be sure never to obscure the view of another rider.

11. Ride in echelon dual carriageways and motorways, wherever it is safe to do so and keep a safe distance between yourself and other road users.

12. Should you wish to leave the group at any time, please ensure that the tail ender knows.

13. Remember to carry with you and regularly update your "In case of emergency" (ICE) contact details.

You are in charge of your motorcycle at all times

Gwent Group of Advanced Motorcyclists cannot accept any responsibility for actions you take or any incident that might occur.

Always ride for yourself and within your own capabilities.