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By raising your driving to the standard of the Advanced Test, you would be safeguarding the lives of yourself, your family and friends, and even people you have never met.

Our Aims

The IAM was formed as a wholly independent, non profit-making organisation with the stated aims of improving driving standards, promoting road safety and establishing an Advanced Driving Test.

Independence of the IAM

The idea of an Advanced Driving Test was first floated at a National Road Safety Congress held in November 1954. It was inspired by a report showing how effective advanced driver training had been in cutting accident rates for the Metropolitan Police (since the Hendon driving school had been founded in 1934, Police road accidents had fallen from, on average, one every 9,000 miles to one every 72,500 miles!).

A group of people from that Road Safety Congress subsequently decided to form what we now know as the IAM. To ensure its independence, all the running costs are recovered through the Advanced Test Fee and through the annual Membership Fee. The IAM is, therefore, responsible only to its own members and can represent driving and road safety with a truly independent voice.

Registered Charity (non-profit making)

The Institute of Advanced Motorists Ltd is a Company which is limited by guarantee. The aims of the IAM have been deemed to be charitable in accordance with Section II of the Charities Act (Charity No 249002).

Improving driving standards and promoting road safety.

The standard L-test is only an elementary examination of your driving. It has remained largely unchanged since 1934 (reverse parking was added recently, and the theory test is a very new idea) and you can pass it without demonstrating more than the most basic grasp of driving skills, and without ever driving on a motorway or at night. The real learning starts when you throw away your L-plates and begin the process of acquiring mature driving skills. Many people realise this, and there comes a time when they want to reassure themselves that their driving is developing along the right lines. This is why the IAM exists. By taking the IAM's Advanced Driving Test, you can measure the progress you have made since passing the basic L-test.

Because of it's 40 year history, it has become a recognised authority on advanced driving and is involved with many consultations on road safety related matters because of this. A long line of Transport Ministers have taken the Advanced Test while in office, speaking volumes for the regard in which the IAM is held.


The Advanced Driving Test

The Advanced Driving Test lasts approximately 90 minutes and cover somewhere between 35 and 40 miles. There are more details of this on the page about the Advanced Test itself.

The IAM currently offers the following Classifications of Test:-

Private Car Class

This Class covers:-

Caravan and Trailer Class

This Class is for existing IAM members only and may be taken using a towing vehicle of the same category already passed. The test is divided into four sections:-